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Cost efficient

– faster, easier and cheaper cleaning

Twister™ can be used on any type of floor with no change of cleaning method or cleaning equipment needed. This, combined with the removal of periodic maintenance and the long lifetime* of the Twister™ pads, cuts both cost and cleaning time. Twister™ is also a cost-effective choice due to eliminating** the use of chemicals compared with traditional chemical-based cleaning methods. With Twister™ the floor owner gets a cleaner floor with high gloss. The cleaning contractor creates a high quality surface easier and faster.

  • Reduce your cleaning time
  • No periodic maintenance needed
  • Twister™ pad with long lifetime
  • No chemicals needed

* Under optimal conditions at least 25 000 m2 ** If the floor is in bad condition, add a small dose of Twister™ Floor Conditioner. When upgrading the floor it is also recommended that Twister™ Floor Conditioner be used.

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