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Machine Features + Photos


 Clean all those hard to reach areas around the back of toilets and dirty edges where the source of odour problems occur.



Clean all your stair-cases, the foot step and also the up-rise at the same time with the stair/skirting brush. Power supply is not a problem as motorscrubber is battery operated.


Motorscrubber in use

Clean all your skirting boards and dirty edges down long corridors caused by in-efficient mopping, or your large scrubber drier not able to clean right up to the edge.





Motorscrubber vehicles

Clean, scrub, apply wax and polish exterior of all vehicles.
Buses, cars, vans, caravans, boats, aeroplanes, trains etc
Use the telescopic handles to reach up to 15 feet no ladder necessary.




Motorscrubber windows

Clean and scrub all windows, frames and fascias. Especially popular with conservatory cleaning.
Again eliminating the need for ladders, work safely from the ground.


  1. Motorscrubber has 3 power source options
    Supplied battery pack
    Vehicle cigarette lighter adapter
    12 volt battery post adapter
    Somebody doesn't like wearing the battery pack? Simply leave it on the floor and connect the 25 ft cable to the machine.
  2. Motorscrubber allows scrubbing of all hard to reach areas where 240 V power is not available or where larger machines cannot access.
  3. Motorscrubber eliminates the risk of electrocution from 240 volt machines being used for water involved cleaning tasks. Motorscrubber uses an extra low 12 volt power supply making it perfectly safe to use when cleaning wet areas, Also Motorscrubber is 100 % Waterproof.
  4. Motorscrubber Provides over 15 feet reach safely from the ground eliminating the need for ladders on the majority of cleaning tasks.
  5. Twist-Lock Telescopic handles allow extensive reach for different cleaning tasks reducing the need to change the complete handle.
  6. 4 hours constant running time from 1 single charge. Battery pack is re-chargeable simply plug it in and 8 hours later ( over night ) your ready to go. 4 hours not long enough? Buy a second or more batteries.
  7. The rotating head follows the contours of whatever surface is being cleaned.
  8. 70 Degrees Pivoting head, adjust the head angle for whatever cleaning task is in hand.
  9. Motorscrubber has a huge range of accessories for every cleaning task imaginable. All brushes are of the highest quality and are re-useable time and time again.

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