Lindhaus LW38 Pro Electric Upright Scrubber Dryer

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Description: The Lindhaus LW38 upright scrubber dryer is the future of hard floor cleaning for small to medium sized areas. Mops & Buckets are quickly going out of fashion due to poor results, because they simply move the dirt around instead of removing it from the floor.

The LW38 has a wider scrubbing width than the LW30. This will achieve faster results for larger areas.

Lindhaus LW38 Continuously sprays your floor with fresh cleaning solution, it isthen scrubbed with a cylindrical brush drIven with its own powerful motor. Front & Back Squeegees connected with their own suction motor provide powerful suction leaving your floor super clean and instantly dry, no more waiting 15minutes for the floor to dry from mopping.

We have multiple brushes available to offer the best cleaning results for different floor surfaces. Also available are carpet suction inserts which allows this machine to clean, scrub & dry carpets.

This machine is Perfect for Smaller commercial areas such as NHS Ward areas, shops, hairdressers, bars, restaurants, small supermarkets, leisure centres. Also ideal for the domestic home owner that wishes to have the cleanest

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