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Rise of the Robots
Killis are continuing to bring innovation to the cleaning industry with a range of cleaning robotic equipment.

As always, Killis are striving to bring the latest technology to the professional cleaning industry. And right now - thats robotics. Launching our dedicated Robotics Division.

Aiding an aging population

The robots have a serious purpose. Times have changed. We need more manpower, more training and contracts are becoming more difficult to manage. There are more buildings but less operatives. And it’s no secret that the UK has an aging population - there are nearly 12 million people aged 65 and above and the percentage of people aged 65 or older who are in employment has doubled in the last 20 years. This means we, as a country, need to make sure there are ample opportunities for older people to have sustainable employment.

That’s where Robotic Cleaning Machines can help. Used to support human employees, these clever cleaning robots eliminate the need for workers to perform many labour intensive and repetitive tasks and allow them to focus more on complex, thought-intensive tasks. These robots are revolutionising the future of cleaning, eliminating the need for human cleaning staff to perform time-consuming tasks day after day. The robots are not intended to replace human cleaners, but to act as their assistants. Specifically created to support the existing cleaning crew with manual work while enabling them to perform supervisory duties. They help to speed up the cleaning tasks while delivering greater cleaning consistency.

We have a range of cleaning robotics equipment designed to make a multitue of tasks easier, faster and better.

Get in touch now to discuss how robotics could make your cleaning regime easier, fast and better.

Killis Robotics
Robby Battery Robot (SPECIAL) Vacuum Cleaner L-ion 14.4v

Robby Battery Robot (SPECIAL) Vacuum Cleaner L-ion 14.4v

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