Adult Size Reusable Face Protection Mask

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Completely natural and hand crafted from a fabric made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees, our eco-friendly masks have been designed and developed to protect ethically and sustainably. As a natural bedding company our core value is to care for others, with our natural products helping people and their well-being, whether that be by getting a better night’s sleep, or by providing protection to prevent the spread of infection. All businesses must adapt through these challenging times, and we all must do our bit to help wherever we can. 

Our botanical face masks are made from double back-to-back layers of smart Tencel fabric, a material which is not only breathable and waterproof, but completely natural. This fabric is one we have used for a long time in the manufacture of our botanical bedding protectors, with thousands used by our customers on their beds worldwide. We identified this fabric as an ideal material for use in a face mask, with unique benefits uniting cosmetic properties, freshness, thermo-regulation, waterproofness, stretch-ability and breathability. Read on to find out more about our sustainable masks and place your order today. 

The fibre used in our botanical face masks is special and contains the essential trace element zinc oxide. This element contributes to cell regeneration and skin renewal, supporting the natural processes of our bodies. It also has a decisive influence on well-being and it is present everywhere in the body, critically important to our core functions and contributing to digestion and energy production. Moreover, zinc also has a vital function for the skin, helping to defend against infections and promoting healing with antibacterial properties. This cosmetic effect takes place when the skin gives off moisture, and is an active exchange between the fibres and the skin. Since zinc is a component of the skin, building enzymes, it operates directly on the skin and will remain intact at all the times, even after many washes.

The fabric structure of our masks is soft knitted stretch jersey, which is laminated with a breathable and unnoticeable polyurethane membrane. This membrane prevents moisture getting through in either direction, making them double moisture resistant, yet fully breathable. The waterproof properties of the polyurethane membrane allows complete protection against liquid spillage, stains, bacteria and allergens, breathable to at least 1000 gr/m2 per day. This breathability allows moisture vapour transmission (molecular diffusion caused by different levels of humidity in either side of the membrane) which helps to reduce heat and humidity, improving the comfort of our masks when worn.

Reusable and machine washable up to 90 degrees, you can also dry our botanical face masks in a tumble dryer.

Please note, the elastic on these masks goes around the head, not the ears. 



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