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Exceptionally engineered and packed with technology, the LeoBot robots offer an incredible autonomous cleaning experience. Unlike anything else seen in the UK, the LeoBots are designed with one goal in mind, to ease the human-intensive workforce with efficient technologies. This doesn't mean replacing humans but freeing up valuable time so an operative can focus on other tasks, such as touchpoint cleaning or deep cleaning.

LeoScrub and LeoMop are water savers using up to 70% less water than other cleaning robots while achieving the same high cleaning results. Active-DryTech leaves floors drier than other solutions because of stronger water extraction.

LeoMop is also the quietest robot of the range, with near-silent running—allowing them to be operated at any time of the day during business hours without disturbance.

LeoVac uses a dual brush system which is more effective in removing dirt, and with no vacuum-motor, noise levels are kept below 55db. LeoVac can run for an impressive 10 hours and comes with a HEPA filter option.

Using robots as a service enables one staff member to be in charge of multiple machines maximising their productivity and cleaning efficiency whilst easing the pressures of staff recruitment.

The benefits of LeoBots:

  • A high level of accuracy and consistency improves cleanliness
  • Operate robots anywhere, anytime, via the LionsClean app
  • Share real-time updates to monitor cleaning
  • The app reduces maintenance concerns and allows for 24/7 service support
  • Mapping is fast and highly accurate, allowing the operator to map an entire facility in one go without QR codes or reflective tape
  • LeoBots can be linked together for large-scale cleaning operations or to get a job done quicker
  • When deployed, they draw crowds of people. They are a massive success both for cleaning effectiveness and client interaction

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Robby Battery Robot (SPECIAL) Vacuum Cleaner L-ion 14.4v

Robby Battery Robot (SPECIAL) Vacuum Cleaner L-ion 14.4v

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