Imop-XL-Plus-9 Supplied With 2 x Batt, Charger,2 x Brush

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The i-mop family cleans up to 70% faster than conventional wet mopping and up to 30% faster than conventional auto scrubbing. The i-mop and its ability to get right to the edge and under obstacles means a virtual elimination of manual operations that are required to supplement conventional machine scrubbing.


ATP testing confirms that i-mop’s twin counter-rotating brushes deep scrub for 90% cleaner surfaces compared to conventional mopping. Modular HACCP color coded accessories help you prevent cross contamination in food prep and hygiene-critical areas.


The new i-mop plus version has come with some additional features that open the door to leasing. The distinctive attribute to the plus version compared to the basic version is that there is a sensor and timer integrated into the control panel. The timer displays how many running hours the i-mop has made in its lifespan. The timer can be used for leasing and maintenance purposes. You now know when the i-mop needs maintenance or how many hours can be charged for using the i-mop.


Recovery tank sensor


The i-mop plus range has an additional recovery tank sensor feature which will shut down the i-mop completely when the recovery tank is full. Opposed to the basic version that will only stop extracting fluid from the floor.


Longer machine lifetime


Many operators have the tendency to hold the i-mop below a 32-degree angle. This can cause the motor to flood. The electronic switch on the new i-mop plus makes sure the engine automatically shuts down. This teaches operators to handle the i-mop correctly and at the same time protect the motor.


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