Excentr 30-20+

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The Excentr 30-20+ is one of the most compact machines in the Excentr range. Very suitable for cleaning small or difficult areas and is used by many professionals as a supporting machine for the Excentr 55-35 for edge build-up and tricky corners. The Excentr 30-20+ is also an ideal machine for cleaning stairs.

The machine is entirely made of stainless steel and designed according to the principles of Excentr: extremely solid and user-friendly.  

The Excentr 30-20+ is the 'heavy-duty' version of the Excentr 30-20, therefore making the 30-20+ very suitable for basic daily cleaning but also extreme deep cleaning. This machine is ideal for cleaning along and against skirting boards thanks to its rectangular shape and will easily clean corners too. You can also use the 30-20+ without weight; a perfect machine to work on stairs and uneven floors.

There is a connection for a suction house at the back of the white plastic bumper of the 30-20+. With this, you can easily vacuum dust through the openings made in the pad holder and work dust-free.

The large wheels behind the machine provides perfect balance, producing very little vibrations, and allowing for easy transportation to different locations if needed.

Sound Level (dB)60dB
Cable Length15m (detatchable)
Voltage230 v / 50 Hz
Surface coverage30 x 20cm
Pad pressure17kg - 30kg (50g/cm2)
Power SourceCable

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