All-In-One (Box-100) Greenspeed Dishwasher Tabs

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All-In-One Greenspeed Dishwasher Tabs comes in a convenient box of 100 tabs. These Greenspeed dishwasher tabs offer a comprehensive cleaning experience with a 3-in-1 action, combining powerful degreasing, salt action, and rinse aid for sparkling clean dishes every time. Each tab comes with a soluble film wrapper for hassle-free use and easy dissolving during the wash cycle. Formulated with plant-based and mineral ingredients, the tabs offer effective cleaning while being environmentally friendly and phosphate-free.

Instructions for usage are simple:

  1. Use one tab per wash for optimal results.
  2. These tabs are suitable for domestic and semi-industrial machines with a long cycle, ensuring versatility in various settings.
  3. To maintain their effectiveness, it's recommended to keep the tabs cool and dry.
  4. Additionally, the packaging is recyclable as paper and cardboard, promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness.
Dimensions (cm)19 x 7 x 19
Bottle Size100 tablets

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