Coccinella Continuous Fill Steam Cleaner

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Coccinella is the first household steam machine with a professional performance that is capable of producing continuous dry steam for deep and radical cleaning. Most domestic machines have a pressure cap which means you need to wait around 10 minutes for the pressure to drop before you can refill.

There is no pressure cap with Coccinella so you can clean none stop till the job is done. Coccinella has a seperate tank which is not under pressure, this is used for automatically topping up the boiler.

The advanced technology of this machine, together with the precise production technique, make "Coccinella" the most reliable domestic steam cleaning product on the market.

This machine is suitable for cleaning your oven, blasting away grease and burnt on food, it will clean all your hard floors either with the brush or addition of a microfibre pad.

The Jet tool is ideal for cleaning grouting and around taps or crevices in your shower, the high pressure steam will blast away grime & limescale build up.

Capacity1.3 Litre
Warranty1 Year
Pressure5.5 Bar

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